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tv   ABC 7 News at 12N  ABC  September 29, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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coming up, the man wanted by u.s. marshals for the death of a new york school superintendent has been found in virginia. more. plus you might want to think twice before getting behind the wheel after a night of drinking. a toole to keep everyone safe on the road. and a verdict has been reached in the animal cruelty case against a director of the zoo. >> good afternoon. thanks for joining us on this saturday. a great start to our weekend. let's head over to adam for a look at the forecast. >> a beautiful saturday it is. we had more clouds this morning. a lod of that cloud cover
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pu oftown. now beautiful sunshine. keeping track of the conditions. today a dry day but a sprinkle can't be ruled out tomorrow. first, beautiful look at our the national mall. 67 now. the noon update at reagan national with a north westerlyly breeze. that's a refreshing wind out of the northwest. open up the windows, let that fresh air circulate. the dew point means humidity very low contrary to the past few days. big 52 in frederick. you can see the sunshine there as well. in the 60s pretty much everywhere. here's the hourly forecast for the rest of the day. 72 the high temperature. then around sunset back down into tupper 60's and we'll fly through the 60s at bedtime, a good night to sleep with the windows open and let that fresh air in.
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northwesterly winds. talk about the rain chances coming up. >> thank you. turning to our top story. the u.s. marshall's office says the suspect accused of killing a school superintendent is now off the street. anthony tag net was tracked down yesterday in shenandoah county. >> it was here near strawsburg where u.s. marshals captured anthony tag nete in a traffic stop. wrr where he hangs out. that would not surprise me a bit. >> as recently as friday afternoon, he was the focus of a nationwide manhunt wanted for the murder of 51-year-old keith reed a local school super attendant. authorities believe he traveled to new york and killed reed friday night. >> he considered him to be
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armed and dangerous. >> and a motive? police call it a personal matter. >> did hear something that sounded like gunshots. and then some male voices. >> but neighbors say reed and his wife had a previous relationship. >> she was supposed to move in with him. the guy built a house for her. and apparently he found out. >> neighbors say he was a friendly father of four. a church-going family. >> you never expect that it would be your neighbor or somebody in your neighborhood. >> neighbor billy said he saw him just last weekend. and says things could have ended very differently. >> he lived in the woods before. he's apparently a straight survivor. so it surprised me they caught him this quick. >> st. mary's county sheriff office is investigating an officer involved shooting. deputies responded to sugar
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maple court in california, maryland for a disturbance. deputies say they made contact with the suspect, a 39-year-old man got into a fight and the deputy fired his gun. the su specked was pronounced dead on the scene. one deputy was treated and later released. a man is in custody after a standoff in the moment river near bell haven marina. police say a man whose boat was docked there fired a few shots around 6:00 lath night. then jumped from two different boats to his boat drove into the harbor and anchored offshore. park police tried for several hours to speak with the man before bringing him in. it's unclear why the man fired the gun. but no one was hurt. friday night is always a big night out in the district but here's a warning for anyone planning to drink. after a two-year hiatus d.c. police have the brethylizer back on the streets. more on the change. >> in the district grabbing
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some drinks then getting behind the wheel have been something the d.c. police have been monitoring. suspected drunk drivers will once again be blowing on breath liesers. the method for checking that hasn't been used in nearly two years in the district. >> hopefully it will work this time around and people will put some more faith into them. >> what they fixed are inaccurate read be suspended but not before nearly 400 people were convicted on inaccurate results leading to out-of-court settlements. >> it is pretty scary. maybe they shouldn't be on the road but now they are because of the improper reading. >> police have relied on urine samples but now they say they have safe guards in place to make sure the new breath test machines are properly maintained. >> it's another tool in our belt when it comes to enforcing impa laws. >> all substations will have the new devices including a mobile van. knowing there is one more method to track drunk drivers
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is something those heading home on foot tonight appreciate. >> we live in tupent circle and on a given friday or saturday night there are an awful lot of people going back to their cars having had a lot to drink. so we would prefer within the limits of the law that they do. >> montgomery county police think some recent assaults are linked to similar crimes to two years ago. a woman spot add peeping tom at an apartment complex and a man broke into a home and slashed a woman with a knife. police now think it was the same man in both cases and that he is responsible for four similar assaults dating back to 2010. in silver spring police are looking for the person who tried to kidnap a sp-year-old boy at a the victim was waiting at the counter when the man attempted to drag him out of the rest raupt telling the victim he's a police officer. the suspect eventually released
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the boy and then took off. he's still on the run.the director of the reston zoo has been convicted of animal cruelty in the drowning of a walla by. >> weight off of my shoulders. >> big relief who said she felt compelled to come forward and say something when she saw what was happening. >> she ts one who found a dead walla bi. >> i looked in the bag and saw him. and i thought that solidified it for me. i knew what happened. >> 26-year-old megan drowned the animal. she was found guilty of animal crueltyy at a fairfax county court. she has denied the charges. >> road who worked said speaking out was worth it and doesn't regret. >> it was a work environment that i wanted to get out of and i did. >> david parkway remembers going to the >> i would have assumed someone would have come on much quicker. >> he and his frepped both agree the sentence should have been stiffer.
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>> she has a love for animals? it's confusing. what went wrong. >> they hope she won't be allowed to be around animals. >> more than 500 volunteers are coming together in the district at the recreation center today for a major renovation. live in southeast where the event is just getting under way. >> this is a huge day for the community. you mentioned 500 volunteers. there are actually more than 00 here rolling up their sleeves ready to give the recreation center and the space around it a complete makeover. it hasn't gotten this type of attention since 1998. and i'm joined now by mike, one of the maybe guys leing this effort and talking about what's taking place behind us. the purpose behind this. >> absolutely. this is an annual event that we have where the building
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industry association comes together and improves one park in the district. we come through and like you said a complete makeover. we do landscaping we put up pavilion structures. we're repainting the existing bu everything associated with the recreation center. >> and how do you go about deciding what park in what neighborhood really deserves your full attention? >> well, we sit down every year in january and february with department of parks and recreation, and we look at what they have for their goals for the year. and actually for the upcoming years. and then we put a committee together and we go to each park and we look at which ones fit our needs like you said we have 700 volunteers today. are too small. sometimes we go to them and they really don't need a lot of attention. what we look for is the parks that need the most from the building industry. and those are the ones we really target. >> we were talking earlier
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about the smiles on kids' faces and how you're doing it for that. if you can talk about what you expect the kids who are going to be using the space to see everything complete. >> this is absolutely about the neighborhood. and all about the community for us. this is all new. like you said these kids didn't have playground areas and we're just providing spaces for them to play. all new interactive spaces, and for the parents there's places to sit in the shade. we're building four shade structures out here today. just everything for the kids for the community to come out and play and just enjoy their community. >> thank you so much for your time. i know we're going to be very excited to see what ends up coming out of this space. and just so you know in just a little bit at 12:30 there's going to be an official ribbon cutting. we'll be here to see how all this comes together. clearly a lot of excitement and we exant wait to see the final product. >> great team effort there.
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beautiful weather too. adam is back to tell us how the forecast is shaping up on the east, at the beach. beautiful shot with the dogs. >> this is my facebook friend jamie posted this. this is bentley and tan seato enjoying the beach early this morning. you can see the clouds off in the distance. so here's your forecast. you probably have already left heading to the beach but tomorrow is going to be a nicer day. mostly sunny conditions and in the low to mid 70s. today a bit of cloud cover and an isolated shower. especially farther south, virginia beach and north carolina beaches. water temperatures generally in the low to mid 70s on the eastern shore farther south in the mid to upper 70s, that's your beach forecast. that's the local forecast. and our rain chances coming up. >> thank you. and coming up, all eyes will be on the presidential candidates this wednesday for their first presidential debate.
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more on the last-minute preparations. plus are you it turns out some of the biggest power players don't even use it. and house fire leads to a bigger mystery involving two missing children. we i'm barack obama and i approved
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this message. [ mitt romney ] there are 47% of the people who will vote for the president no matter what.. who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe that government has a responbisibility to care for them who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it... and they will vote for this president no matter what... and so my job is not to worry about thospeople. i'll never convivince them they should take personal responsibiliby and care for their liveses.
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>> welcome back. great day to be outside and just breathe in that fall air. refreshing. >> very refreshing. low humidity. a great morning for the 5,000.
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>> look what we have. a pair of boxers. >> not every day i bring a pair of underwear to the set here. it's for the event the underie 5,000. part of the alliances battle against colon cancer. you see many participants out there today. he did say that they raised about $50,000 in this 5-k today. luckily the weather was perfect for it. you see the folks many of them are battling colon cancer out there. and of course their friends and family who came out to help out. >> and dogs. >> even some pets who came to help out. i'm glad the weather with you perfect. it was comfortable. cool but not too cool outside. >> tomorrow's a different story. >> tomorrow's going to be a little different with a slight chance of rain but overall i don't think it's going to be all that different. next week we'll warm up again. look at the sunrise this
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morning. wasn't it beautiful? sunup a few minutes after 7:00. and then we had a decent amount of cloud cover for the first couple of hours. now those clouds have pushed out and look at this, we have a good amount of sunshine and even some patchy cumulus clouds popping up in the sky. here's one of the big differences compared to the past three or four days. the dew point. down in the upper 40's to lower 50s and mostly in the upper 40s. that means low humidity, very comfortable. this is going to continue all the way through tomorrow. overall a very pleasant weekend. a slight chance of a sprinkle tomorrow but that's the only little hick up in our forecast all weekend long. overall very agreeable. you can see some of that
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cocover. now over the eastern shore still along the beaches. and areas of rain basically around in south and down farther into the carolinas. the north carolina beaches. a could front moved through yesterday, the same front draped overhead all week long. finally it pushed south now we're on the comfortable side of that cold front. let that fresh air circulate. notice some of this widespread rain in texas. they can use the moisture. that energy is going to start to get pushed our way as we go through the early and middle part of next week. a good chance of rain will be coming by late monday but particularly into tuesday as some of that energy from texas moves our way. 72 the high temperature. here's your express forecast. low 70s in the afternoon. upper 60s closer to sunset and by bedtime temperatures in the lower 0's.
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tonight sleep with the windows open. that's our morning lows. mostly cloudy comfortable. tomorrow partly cloudy conditions. an isolated sprinkle possible throughout our sunday especially in the evening and west of washington. much better chance of rain late monday and into tuesday. tuesday we could actually see some areas of heavier rain. that's a look at your forecast. >> thank you. starting to add to vote 2012 we're just four days away from the first debate between president obama and mitt romney. some are calling these debates a make or break moment for romney with just 38 days left to election day. david joins us from the white house with an inside look at how both sides are prepping. >> heading back to boston for more debate practice, mitt romney would not endorse the view that the debates could be do or die for his campaign. >> i don't think anyone would suggest the debates aren't
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important. i can't tell you how important it will be. it will be a good chance for the president and for me to have a conversation with the american people about our respective views. >> mr. obama spent a couple of hours practicing yesterday as well and has three days set aside for more practice. it's nick namede debate camp. and near tend of camp like now it's a full-on mock debate following the time rules podeyums, the exact distance apart and fill-ins for the opposition. preparing joe biden. >> it's only tense when they give the completely wrong answer. the goal is to make them feel like they're as real as possible. >> she believes romney has the harder chor. >> the idea that i'm anti-immigrant is repulsive. drawing distinctions without being nasty. >> i don't think i'm that bad. >> you're likeable enough. no doubt. >> thank you. >> and a president who can
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become impatient is probably being pushed in practice as well. >> part of having a tough opponent in your mock is that you get the earning out in the mock. the president is relatively calm and collective. >> reports out of the obama debate preparation meeting says that staff is pushing back hard telling the president he needs to shorten his answers to be chris per not proff sorely. >> meanwhile the candidates aren't the only ones making last-minute preparations. workers at the university of denver putting the finishing touches on constructing the stage where president obama and governor romney will face off. the city of denver is also planning to make major changes including street closures and changes to traffic patterns. organizers say it's all well worth it to be at the center of the political world for one night. here's a surprising revelation from one of the nation's most powerful women. homeland security secretary
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janet napolitano. she says she doesn't use e-mail ever. and as tanya tells us she's not the only power plier who manages to survive unplugged. >> hillary clinton is e mailing here is not the head of homeland security. janet just yesterday revealed this shocker. >> what did your personal security look like? >> don't laugh but i just don't use e-mail at all. >> in the hunger games jennifer lawrence's character is a fierce shot. but in real life, the actress won't shoot off an e-mail. >> because the internet scares me. it never ends. it's like the universe. >> we're not laughing. we're jealous. it seems the more powerful you are, the less you need what the rest of us breathe. elton john may sing about galaxy travel but despises cell phones and the web. warren buffett is famously bare on technology. angelina jolie jokes about ter
12:22 pm
tech no phobia. and last year winona rider told jimmy fallin the internet scares her. >> and the man with over 100 movies under his belt doesn't emp mail or carry a phone. >> but the lack of access. >> to me it doesn't matter. i think it's you who is sweating it. >> ok, christopher waukon. but for us working stiffs, we can't escape technology. morning, noon, and night. the power to unplug is a luxury we can't afford. >> well maybe just this once. tuning in and logging out for good morning america. >> i'm jealous. coming up. a house fire leads to a startling discovery involving two children. plus, a teacher charged in a murder for hire plot. but wait until you hear how his target reacted. and this man is not who he
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appears to be and that's causing people their valuable possessions. we'll explain. right after this.
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>> an amber alert has been issued overnight in tennessee for two children missing since their family's house burned down sunday. investigators finding no trace of them in their own home. >> overnight the president officials putting out a statewide amber alert.
12:26 pm
nine-year-old chloe and 7-year-old gauge daniel now considered missing with no clues to their where abouts. it's been six days since the fire torched the home they lived in with their step grandparents. initially it was thought the children and grandparents all died in the flames. but after six days of exhaustive searching there is only physical evidence of the grarned parents, not the chirp. >> we don't have anything. >> the amber alert reads the location of chloe and gauge are unknown at this time. if you have any information concerning the children, please contact the tbi. it only applies to tennessee. authorities have no reason to think the children have left the state. >> the fact that we don't have sufficient evidence from fire investigators right now to positively conclude that they died in this fire makes us want to make sure that they are not somewhere else. >> multiple fire experts were called in to try to find some trace of the missing children's
12:27 pm
bodies in the afrpblt but nothing. cameras attached to helicopters have scoured the scene. police say there are no suspects or persons of interest at this time but the search continues. >> police officer in minnesota may be in a world of legal trouble over a beating he gave to a suspect. check this out. initially the officer asked a wheel chair bound man to take off his coat. the man hit the officer who responded by a series of blows. the officer has been put on administrative leave until an investigation is complete. an effort to find jimmy hoffa's body is under way. authorities drilled through concrete from a home near detroit yesterday. a source told police the deem ster's boss may have been buried there shortly after he disappeared after 1975. the results should be available by monday. no human remains were found.
12:28 pm
returning now details in that outrageous story out of florida where a high school teacher was pulled out of class and arrested for allegedly hiring a hit man to kill another teacher. >> for the first time we're getting a look at james pepe appearing in front of a judge friday where his new red inmate jump suit. police arrested the 55-year-old in the middle of class in front of his students thursday at bloomingdale high school near tampa, florida. >> it's very disconcerting that we have teachers in public schools or at our schools that are capable of doing this and our children are in their care. >> the alleged target? robert meredith, a fellow teacher who worked with him at another school. authorities say he believed meredith was telling people he was a child molester. meredith claims that's not true. saying the two barely knew each other.
12:29 pm
>> never scuffles or words exchanged? >> never. >> police were tipped off when the man the teacher allegedly tried to hire informed authorities. the f.b.i. soon got involved. and in one taped conversation with an undercover aged two weeks ago he allegedly said he had an issue he might need taken care of and that he would be willing to pay $2,000. when he wouldn't agree to meeting in person police felt there was enough evidence and moved in. abc news has learned he was transferred last year because he wasn't getting along with his former coworkers. in 28 years of teaching the most serious blemish on his record happened back in 2001 when he was suspended. >> there was an incident where he created a stir in a staff meeting apparently he was acting aggressively and had some complaints that were inappropriate.
12:30 pm
>> coming up how a disguise helping one target victims at an unlikely place to be ripped off. and the case closed surrounding a chemist at the center of a massive lab scandal. we'll be right back. krystal conwell : we see a lot of problems with the... number of students that we have. resources. materials. things that the children need... on a day-to-day babasis. anncr: queuestion seven will help. the department of legislative services says question seven... will mean hundreds of millions of dollars... for scols...from gaming revenues that would have... gone to othestates. and independent audits will guarantee the money... goes where it's supposed to. krystal conwell: i think people should vote for question... seven because i think it will be a great benefit to children. i'm
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barack obama and i approved this message. [ mitt romney ] there are 47% of the people who will vote for the president no matter what... who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe that government has a respononsibility to care for them who believe that they are eentitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it... and they will vote for this president no matter what... d so my job is not to worry about those people. i'll never convince them they should take personal responsitility and care for their lives. >> coming up police say one
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man is making people feel extra sick after their visit to some doctors offices in virginia. and these patients at johns hop kips children center have gained internet fame and they're sending a great message. let's head over to adam for a check of our forecast. >> a beautiful weekend it is. shaping up to be a great weekend with low humidity and comfortable conditions outside. a slight chance of a sprinkle late. and we talked about the undies 5,000. if you want more information you can go to www.undies 5, let's go to maryland our camera up there scattered cumulus cloud but overall a bright day and only 56 degrees. that's the time in frostburg. i don't know but i'm getting excited to see some know salt lake city on that camera. that's not going to happen any
12:34 pm
time soon. a very refreshing breeze. gusting up to 15 miles per hour. we're running below average in the temperature department. mostly sunny and beautiful with a low humidity. low humidity again tomorrow and partly cloudy conditions with a passing sprinkle possible lay in the day tomorrow. primarily west of washington overall a dry weekend. just a few degrees warmer tomorrow. more on your week ahead and chances of rain coming up. >> thanks. turning now to a disturbing climb in fairfax county which has those visiting the doctors on edge. police say someone is entering offices posing as a maintenance workor and stealing people's belongings. >> i just get upset hearing those kinds of things. >> they hate hearing about a
12:35 pm
thief preying on patients' valuables. in this area at arlington boulevard police say someone is stealing purses and wallets from doctors' offices. >> you feel safe in a doctor's office and you think everybody's like you. you're there to get better. >> it's extremely sad that somebody would take advantage of people there seeking treatment. >> fairfax county police spokeswoman lucy caldwell released these surveillance photos of a crime-spree suspect. police believe this man is posing as a maintenance worker and stole a patient's wallet from a cubby. the victim noticed it was missing. >> we disdiscovered that the credit cards had been used down in washington, d.c. so with that our detectives were able to put two and two together and make link between the other patients as well.
12:36 pm
>> police noticed that took place at cancer centers and other doctors offices around falls church and mclane. >> if you work in an office ask the person if you see a maintenance person there what they're doing, what the nature of the visit is. confront them. because this is a brazen thing. >> a crime that has her changing her habits so she doesn't become the next victim. >> i was sitting in the waiting room and i left my purse while i grabbed a magazine out of the rack. that's a no-no. i won't do that any more. >> the chemist at the center of the lab scandal could face more charges. police arrested annie dugen for faking drug results. led to the shutdown of the lab, the resignation of the public health commissioner and the release of more than 1,000 drug defendants. many more are set to be released. at least 1100 inmates are
12:37 pm
serving times in cases she had worked on. some of amtrak's conductors have been failing drug and alcohol tests more frequently over the last six years. internal audit indicates most of the positive results were from cocaine and marijuana. amtrak employees failure rate was 51% higher than the industry average. >> so even with all the bickering and a third party stepping in it turns out the issue of who would pay metro open may not be an issue after all. our news partner did some number crunching the number of riders from last weekend ds nats games offset the 30,000 per hour it takes to run metro. and no doubt more people would want to pay watch a playoff game. here's heads up for metro commuters. the red line trains will be single tracking.
12:38 pm
on the orange line buses will replace trains. buses also replace green line trains. trains will single track on the yellow line. expect delays on the blue line. straight ahead a warning for anyone who buys medication on line. why the f.d.a. says you might not be getting what you're paying for. plus, there could be a scientific way for women to know what kind of moms they'll be. and how some cancer patients at johns hopkins children center are gaping worldwide fame on line. too many americans are struggling
12:39 pm
to find work in today's economy. too many of those who are working are living paycheck to paycheck trying to make falling incomes meet rising prices for food and gas. more americans are living in poverty than when president obama took office and fifteen million more are on food stamps. president obama and oi both care about poor and middle-class families. the difference is my policies will make things better
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for them. we shouldn't measure compassion by how many people are on welfare. we should measure compassion by how many people are able to get off welfare and get a good paying job. my plan will create twelve million new jobs over the next four years helping lift families out of poverty and strengthening the middle-class. i'm mitt romney and i approve this message because we can't afford another four years like the last four years. ♪ ♪
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>> a warning about online prescription ordering if you buy prescription meds from an online pharmacy you might be getting fake or toxic drugs. the f.d.a. launched a new campaign to raise awareness about the problem. the agency says nearly one in four internet consumers has bought prescription meds on line. the pharmacy reports less than 3% of online farm sizz meet state and federal regulations and one more warning if low prescription prices seem too good to be true, the f.d.a. says they probably are. puppies and kittens are not
12:42 pm
only cute. they may actually help you do better at work. a new study found people performed a variety of tasks, faster more accurately of looking at pictures of kittens and puppies. researchers speculated they made subjects more attuned to be careful because baby animals suggest vulnerability. some researchers are saying it's possible for women to know ahead of time whether they'll be good mothers. a new study released reveals there's something called the mommy gene a genetic link that can determine what kind of woman a motter will be. a valid explanation as to why some women seem born to maternal figures and others come across as detached and cold. >> i can always remember playing with dolls and always thinking, you know, well i'm going to be a mom. >> the researchers have not studied humans, they say by studying mice the researchers determined there's a single gene that could be responsible for motivating mothers to
12:43 pm
protect, feed and raise their young. >> a music video starring children being treated for cancer at johns hopkins children center is going viral. young patients inspired and direct it had video and say thapet everyone to see that even though they're in the hospital they still know how to have fun. /♪ >> through the halls of the hospital. in their rooms. and next to the nurse's station. these children at johns hopkins pediatric on coling unit are sending a message to the world. >> we're not different like what you do normally. >> taking medicine and stuff. >> things that happen, thing that is they do in the unit that's fun and not focused on being sick or anything like.
12:44 pm
>> they created a music video to one direction song what makes you beautiful and posted it on you tube. in just a week it went viral and now has 140,000 views. >> i thought it would get less hits but then i was like, oh my goodness. when i saw. >> one direction band member liam pain even tweeted it out to his 6 million followers. >> /♪ >> karly's parents saying seeing their daughter in the video brought them to tears. >> we love seeing her have a good time. and it's just to be able to share that. >> it's important to see that it's not all just -- the kids really are able to have a lot of fun. >> the children say they'd like to make another music video. for now they're soaking up their stardom. >> the hospital has extended an
12:45 pm
invitation to one direction to visit these young patients at the hospital and the children say they sure hope it happens. >> coming up it's a race to the post season. a look at how close our local baseball teams are to clinching a spot in the playoffs. and it's an unlikely score to see at a football game. more on the newest edition to cowboy stadium. stay with us. when we switched to
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>> welcome back. we can't complain about the forecast. >> nothing to complain about. >> did i hear you say snow? >> i said it but i didn't say it in a forecast sense. we're not going to see snow any time soon. i wish we could but -- i showed you the camera and that's where we see the snow flakes out there. we haven't seen a color change in the metro area. >> a long ways to go. >> a long way to go. look at the beautiful conditions mixed cloud cover at levels of our atmosphere over the nation's capital. notice the green trees. now, here's a picture from my facebook friend greg up in new england where they're already seeing the colors change. look at the treetops here and you'll see the red orange and yellow up in new england at a golf tournament in parts of new york and i believe the vermont area. that's where he snapped that photo. around here this is what you
12:49 pm
can expect to see the colors really change and see the peak colors that's mid to late october in virginia even parts of northern maryland. but lowellly kind of late october to early november. depends on the weather as we near that time. but late october and especially early november on the eastern shore. already we are seeing a little change along the ridgetops of the blue ridge and it's early october that you can expect peak colors in western maryland and wirnl. in washington we're in the 60s almost everywhere. here's the hourly forecast. 72 the high temperature at 4:00 and then slide down to the 60s a very comfortable night with sleeping with your windows open. get that fresh air inside your house. notice the cloud cover shown in white.
12:50 pm
fair weather patchy cumulus cloud cover but i want to travel to texas where we have areas of widespread rain. much-needed moisture but the energy causing that rain is going to get thrown our way and that will move here by probably late monday and early tuesday giving us i think some widespread rain showers for the early and middle part of the workweek. tomorrow we can't rule out an isolated sprinkle or two. notice not much action on our future cast except around 60 tomorrow. light sprinkles could pop up. few and far between. otherwise on our sunday low to mid 7 0s. around 74 and partly cloudy. there's a chance of rain especially by tuesday. even some of that rain could get you by late monday. so time frame late monday through tuesday and into early wednesday.
12:51 pm
>> nationals and st. louis trying to decrease their magic number to close out the east crown. this game last night was over early. just got shelled about five gasmse in the first, four in the second. the finishing touches on jackson's night with this two-run bomb to left. the cards win 12-2. the braves also lost to reduce the magic number to two. the orioles looking strong down the stretch as they push to the playoffs. 12 runs night before last and ryan providing some power last night. that's a grand slam home run in the first. the orioles tally six in the first to beat the red sox at camden yards last night. the yankees also won so the birds remain a game out of first place. that's a quick look at sports. >> some bad news for basketball fans washington wizards haved a big loss before the season begun. wallace to miss about eight
12:52 pm
weeks because of a stress injury to his knee. surgery snot required though. listen to this one. victoria secret pink is opening it first pink store in an unlikely place. inside cowboy stadium in arlington, texas. the grand opening takes place during the game with the chicago beards. the retailer is teaming up for a collection of ladies underwear and lounge wear. the collection will include the names and logos of 32 n.f.l. teams. >> lingerie and football. coming up, thinking of catching a movie this weekend? find out which are worth seeing.
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12:55 pm
>> the sci-fi thriller looper spins a story about a time travel hit man so bizarre that all i can say is just sit back and watch it. don't try to figure this one out. >> time travel has not yet been invented. but 30 years from now, it will have been. >> joseph gordon plays a time traveling hit man, a looper trying to rub out his older self-played by bruce willis. but the older self-gets away and the chase begins with a pause for a few moments of conversation. >> your face looks backwards.
12:56 pm
>> do you know what's going to happen? you've done this already with me? >> i don't want to talk about time travel because then we'll be here all day talking about it and making dige grams with straws. >> we both know how this goes down. i this is my life now. i earned it. you've had yours so why don't you do what old men do and die. >> looper starts with a bang. it features a great cast including emily blunt as a take no prisoners farmer and jeff daniels as an underworld king. looper, avoid the usual stuff. it's a 3-1/2 star mind-bender. >> now here's the weekend movie guide. end of watch gets four stars. looper gets almost 4 and the master gets 3-1/2 stars. three stars for the new movie the perks of being a wall flour, arbitrage rates three stars. pitch perfect is almost 3. couple and a half for eastwood's trouble with the curb curve. and for the words and for
12:57 pm
lawless. have a great weekend. >> how would you rate our forecast? >> i would give it out of five i would give it four to four and a half for the weekend. >> that's pretty good. >> low humidity and a few degrees below average today. now back into the low 70s. scattered louds low humidity and tomorrow partly cloudy and a passing light day springle possible especially north and west of washington. may have a brief sprinkle but nothing to chase you inside. 74 the high. that's average for this time of year. a good chance of rain tuesday david smallwood: maryland money needs to stay in maryland.d. it's just that simple, i mean, it's a no brainer. anncr: every year marylanders spend five hundred and fifty... million at casinos in west virginia, delaware...
12:58 pm
and pennsylvania. one west virginia paper calls it a "cash cow" for them. but its cost maryland over one billion dollars. money that could have created good jobs and... better schools for us. question seven keeps maryland money in maryland. david allwood: question seven, i think it will be a. good thing for the state of maryland. i'm barack obama and i approved this message. [ mitt romney ] there are 47% of the people who will vote for the president no matter what...
12:59 pm
who are dependent upon gernment, who believe that they are victims, who evlieve that government has a respononsibility to care for them who believe that theare entitled to health care, to food, thousing, to you-name-it... and they will vote for this president no matter what... and so my job is not to worry about those people. i'll never convince them they suld take personal responsibility and care for theirheives.


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